With our extensive R&D capabilities in embedded electronics and software engineering, we offer an end-to-end product design services from concept-to-manufacturing, with experience in multimedia products in Avionics, Automotive, Industrial and Medical. We develop from an early concept to a fully qualified and certified product for mass production.

We also help in selection of the specific hardware for executing the software. We help our clients in designing the requirements of the product and develop the hardware that fit their needs in terms of performance, standard compliance and cost constraints. We have the tools and lab to perform efficient PCB hardware development from scratch.

Our team have experience in designing and developing real-time embedded systems software for a variety of industries such as:

Consumer electronics

  • Industrial automation
  • Automotive
  • Medical devices
  • Military applications

The platforms on which we develop products and applications typically have high demands on reliability, security and system safety. We have the development processes, toolchains and IT systems in-house to support this type of development.

Our solution includes system design, hardware and mechanical development, firmware development, middleware integration, application development, testing and validation, production management and product cycle support. Examples of products that we develop are sensor systems, electronic control units and IoT devices.

Our strength in embedded solutions lies in our ability to provide:

  • Embedded Device Engineering (sensor systems, test tool systems, handheld devices with displays and batteries, control systems, communication devices)
  • Test & Verification
  • Industrialization
  • Product life cycle Management

Our experience was proven to be a key contributor to many of our partners in designing Embedded products meeting challenging requirements.

Our services in embedded systems are designed to guide you along the complete lifecycle of your project. Right from the conceptualization of a product, a customer-centric design, embedded prototype, the architecture of the end-to-end embedded solutions utilizing the cutting-edge embedded technologies, and the complete delivery – our software and systems engineering services cover a complete spectrum of solutions and services. Enabled by the usage of cost-effective yet powerful compact devices having sensory abilities, embedded systems are making their presence in every walk of our life and every aspect of the business.